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Hello from the Antigo Gridiron Club! Thank you for taking time to read through our website! By supporting the Antigo Football program with your donation to the Gridiron Club, you can help insure our strong football tradition continues long into the future. As a Booster club, we help offset some of the costs associated with the football program. Every donation helps make sure that our student athletes are given the tools to succeed on and off the field.

Thank you for your support and GO ROBINS!
David Schroepfer, President, Antigo Gridiron Club

Items purchased in 2015 include...
new uniforms, state of the art concussion-reducing helmets, pads, coaches’ headsets, updates and renovations to
Schofield Stadium, meals for the players on away games, and support for our pre-high school football programs.
Helmets and shoulder pads are replaced when needed. The Gridiron Club always makes safety a top priority.

The Antigo Gridiron Club raises money each year through memberships, end zone advertising, the fall sports calendar, a
pizza sale, 50/50 tickets, the “Meet the Robins” event, and from donations. As a Club, we believe it is important to inform
our members and all of the people who support the football teams on how their donations are spent, and why we need to
continue to raise money. Any money that is not used immediately is put into savings for future big ticket items.
Careful consideration of donations and expenditures are discussed at each meeting. Members are included in an email
list that sends out the minutes of each meeting, and there is also information on our website. The club is a tax-exempt
non-profit organization run by volunteers. Tax returns are prepared by a professional accounting firm.

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