Official Site Of Antigo Red Robin Football

Front: President: Dave Schroepfer, Vice President: Mark Weston , Treasurer: Mike Winter, Secretary: Wendy Simonis. Back: Chad Matuszewski, Patty Levis, Nate Heuss, 
Connie Farmer, Pat Kendall

The purpose of the Gridiron Club is to sponsor fundraising events to support the Antigo Red Robin football program, and to promote spirit and camaraderie among the players, coaches, parents, fans and the community. We are committed to providing our youth with a quality program that promotes teamwork, discipline, honesty, self-esteem and good work ethics. Antigo Football has long had the reputation for excellence. As a Gridiron Club we want to improve our program and “defend the tradition” for many years to come.

Antigo Football Alumni, we thank you for the contributions that you have made as a past player and would like to invite you to join the Antigo Gridiron Club. Hopefully, you can look back and appreciate some of the opportunities you had, and want to improve those opportunities for the next generation. This is an opportunity for you to give back something to a program that has been very important in your life. We have several football alumni that have joined us in our efforts. Please consider becoming a part of a group of people who have a common bond and interest in the future of Antigo Football. Antigo Football Fans, by supporting this program through annual membership, you bring our community together for one common purpose, providing opportunities for the development of the football program.

Thank you to those who have contributed in the past, financially or through work involved to keep the program going strong. Your commitment to the program is much appreciated.

Please consider renewing your memberships so that we can continue to work toward our goals. We are looking forward to the upcoming season, and to the future of Antigo Football. Once again, we have a great group of young athletes, and a dedicated coaching staff.

Antigo Gridiron Club Board of Directors